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Wednesday, 07 December 2005 17:00
So the good folks over at FUNimation seem to be doing a good job of pissing off fandom at the moment, first by firing off a Cease & Desist at Akadot Retail over imports of the FMA movie soundtrack, and more recently with another C&D, this time to Shinsen-Subs, over fansubbing of three as-yet-unannounced series (Solty Rei, Black Cat and Tsubasa Chronicles) and a number of other series that had already been announced, including Speed Grapher and Trinity Blood.

Chill, people. FUNi are perfectly entitled to protect their rights - after all, licensing ain't cheap. Fansubs are intended as a stop-gap until a series is licensed, remember? While a C&D letter is certainly a novel way of announcing a license, it does get the message across in a way that should send a message to the less ethical fansub groups: if it's licensed, stop right there, no excuses.

Of course, with people taking viewpoints like this classic (from the ANN Forums):
I wouldnt have minded if someone good picked up the license.......but groups like FUNimation and 4Kids should be taken out and put to rest. Its not just them they just tend to be worse than the others , but alot of companies are putting out poor quality product and expecting people to pay top dollar for it.

...what are the chances of that happening? ... No, I didn't think so, either...
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