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Sunday, 02 April 2006 17:00
The BBFC have ordered a cut to the UK release of Paranoia Agent, volume three - which explains why the title was delayed by a month. The edited version still carries an 18 certificate.
To obtain this category cuts of 1m 20s were required. The cuts were Compulsory. Cuts required (on potential harm grounds) to the sight of a child attempting to hang herself, and accompanying subtitles. Cuts in accordance with the Video Recordings Act 1984.
The review copy our review was based on was a pre-classification copy that hadn't been cut, which is why I didn't mention it then. It suspect they're worried about young children trying to emulate the scene - but with Paranoia Agent not exactly being a kids show and being rated 18 anyway, I wouldn't have thought that would be an issue. But there you go...

UPDATE: aNIme have a response from the BBFC on the matter, including details of precisely why the cut was made & what guidance was used in making the decision. You can check there for the full details, but here's the key part:
...the BBFC regularly intervenes, even at ‘18′ when hanging is shown in films as we know that hanging is a particularly well known and regularly used means of committing suicide. We have taken expert advice on this and will continue to remove or reduce sight of hanging sequences if we think they misrepresent the dangers. In the case of this work it was presented in a comic way which made it particularly unacceptable.


Distributors are free to resubmit a work which will result in a second fee, but it would be pointless unless the Board had significantly changed its Classification Guidelines, and we have no plans to revisit them for at least a couple of years.
So essentially, there's no chance of this decision being overturned anytime in the near future.
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