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Tuesday, 14 August 2007 17:00
A while back I wrote about why I wouldn't be 'buying' any anime from download stores - the article was prompted by the launch of ADV's service, but the principles apply to any download-to-own store out there.

On Monday, Google announced the closure of their premium Google Video service:
In an effort to improve all Google services, we will no longer offer the ability to buy or rent videos for download from Google Video, ending the DTO/DTR (download-to-own/rent) program. This change will be effective August 15, 2007.

To fully account for the video purchases you made before July 18, 2007, we are providing you with a Google Checkout bonus for $2.00. Your bonus expires in 60 days, and you can use it at the stores listed here: e.html. The minimum purchase amount must be equal to or greater than your bonus amount, before shipping and tax.

After August 15, 2007, you will no longer be able to view your purchased or rented videos.
That email's what was sent to Google Video users - fortunately I'm not one of 'em. For those who did shell out the cash to buy content from Google, the idea's simple: you've been screwed over. If it were me, I'd be hugely pissed at being told the content I'd downloaded-to-own is now a junk, unplayable file - and a $2 Google Checkout credit wouldn't even begin to ease the annoyance.

Remember, "Do no evil" Google are one of the most trusted online companies - if they can pull a stunt like this, would you trust anyone else over download-to-own content? I had my doubts before - now, not a hope in hell am I playing that game (unless, of course, there's a DRM-removal tool available to help back-up my bought contact into a useable form)...
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