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Wednesday, 05 September 2007 17:00
So I can't be accused of any sort of bias here, I'll start this post with a plug that has a point: if you're looking to save yourself a few quid on some decent anime titles, wander over to ADV UK's site, where they have some titles going for frankly silly prices - Aquarian Age & Cromartie High for £2/disc, Magical Shopping Aracade Abenobashi for £4/disc, and a few other specials, all including free shipping. Spot the titles that aren't selling well - although I'd especially recommend Aquarian Age.

Or, they've found a nifty way to fund such special offers by sticking the arm in elsewhere. There are some releases coming up from ADV UK that have got me somewhat worked up, and I'm going to vent a little. Later in the year, we'll be getting complete collections of Chrono Crusade and Full Metal Panic!, plus a few others. The UK RRP of these releases is a whopping £69.99 - although looking around for an online discount will get them for you for around £52.50.

The point of my ire? Take a run over to ADV's US site, and you'll find both sets with an RRP of US$89.98 - or £44.45 at today's exchange rate (using's currency converter), a little over half the UK price. Online discount brings the cost down to US$50.78, or £25.09 - less than half of the cheapest UK price I was able to find.

What's different about the US & UK versions? Nothing, so far as I can see. Both US sets are over the £18 customs limit so there's a chance you'd have to pay import duty & VAT if you bought them (£25.09 would attract customs charges of £4.98, plus Royal Mail's £8 handling fee, if I've done my sums right), but the total cost would still be considerably less than the cost of the UK release. Definitely worth it if you've got a region-free DVD player.

But we shouldn't have to jump through these sorts of hoops. Revelation / FUNimation have made efforts to bring UK prices more-or-less in line with US releases with their £15.99 standard price-point, and their box sets are pretty close too (£49.99 for Tenchi Muyo GXP, compared to US$89.98 [£44.46] for the US version - not worth it when you add import charges). MVM also aren't too bad - their upcoming Samurai 7 box is listed at £59.99, compared with the R1's US$99.98 (£49.40).

Come on, ADV, fix the pricing...
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