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Friday, 23 January 2009 11:44

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Crunchyroll were the only game in town for legit online anime streaming, but they're not - there are a few other options, most of which have been around longer than the well-known former pirates, and it's worth noting who they are and what they're showing. So here goes.

First up are a few sites linked directly to anime distributors. FUNimation's own site has an ever-growing archive of both subtitled and dubbed episodes, including both new releases and catalogue shows - far too many of them to list here. For the full list, nip over to their video page. Shows are ad-supported, so expect the odd in-vision advert bubble. Anime Network also has a small library of shows - their new site is currently in "public beta" and, unlike the old version, available to UK users, although how long this will last for remains to be seen. Shows currently on offer are Mezzo DSA, Angelic Layer and Saiyuki, all accessible from their streaming page.

Finally, there are the shows offered by Gong Anime, who confusingly run their shows over different streaming services, with very few of the available options appearing to host the full set. Shows currently on offer include Slayers, Izumo and others - more details available at Gong's site - with shows streamed via Joost, Babelgum, Vuse and Blinkx. It's worth noting that Babelgum and Vuze both require the installation of dedicated player software.

So there you go. Make the most of what's available - Crunchyroll isn't the only game in town, there's a huge selection of anime available legally online elsewhere, some of it good enough that you'd be mad to miss it.

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