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Friday, 30 March 2012 09:17
1. Hey, these Robotech / Battle of the Planets / Voltron cartoons are pretty good. [...] "Anime"? What's that, then..?

2. Why the hell did no-one tell me about these Japanese cartoons!? They're awesome! Download ALL THE FANSUBS!! Buy ALL THE DVD RELEASES!! You've got a backlog going back one year? IS THAT ALL!?

3. I, as a long-standing anime fan (3 months), take exception to your professional translation. Do it properly, like Anime Junkies do. And if you dare change the original, meaningless-to-most-people Japanese title to something understandable (and English), I will boycott your company FOREVER.

4. What is this shit!? All these <<insert genre here>> shows are KILLING ANIME!! Your taste is INFERIOR!! (variation on the theme, via @Hanners1979: "Anime sucks now, it used to be so much better in <<insert year here>>!")

5. Fuck this, life's too short to get worked up about anime. All I want is for shows to entertain me.

(If it sounds like I'm mocking, it's only because since sometime in the 90's I've been through every one of those phases. Well into stage 5 now. Have I missed any?)

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