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Monday, 21 January 2008 04:14

ICv2 have a fascinating interview with Gen Fukunaga, FUNimation's CEO and founder (Part 1 | Part 2), where he talks a lot about the future direction of the anime market - and it looks as though download-to-own and season boxsets are the way forward, at the expense of the traditional 3/4 episode release:

"We can't stop singles because some of the Japanese licensors won't allow us in the contract to stop single releases. We will have to continue that, but in many cases we will be doing season set launches only."
Interestingly, there's also comment on the UK market, which in his eyes hasn't been great but is looking up:
The UK has been a mediocre market for awhile (we only do the UK/Ireland territory in Europe). I think that has a more upside trend because it's more of a nascent state than the US. One of the issues in the UK is that titles often didn't get broadcast exposure, but now with the new world of Internet, you may not need any broadcast exposure, the Internet's good enough.
Plenty of other comments in there worth reading (on industry consolidation, HD, and being able to license titles for a nil advance, for starters).

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