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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 22:52
The Present Day. There's a middle school girl named Hideyoshino who loves fashion and cell phones. Her nickname at school is "Hideyoshi." Just before her exams, she realizes that her only hope is divine intervention, and goes to a shrine. There she is whisked away by a mysterious light...The next thing she knows, she is surrounded by female bandits who proceed to attack her! She is saved by a general with a gigantic sword. The general calls herself Oda Nobunaga...

SneakWelcome to the feudal age

Like Rio - Rainbow Gate! last season, this is an "adaptation" of a pachinko game. It features characters and situations that would lend themselves to a heavy dose of fanservice, and yet manages to restrain itself to an almost Puritan degree. It is, on the surface, as dull as hell. Hideyoshi is obsessed with things material, and finding herself in the past, with none of her modern comforts, is pretty close to her idea of a living hell (although I do sympathise with the lack of mobile internet access) - but I can't say I ever worked up any enthusiasm for her. It's all just too by-the-numbers, seen-it-all-before to really grab you much.

For example, the look and feel is very Koihime Musou; the way in which Hideyoshi finds herself back in the past has strong shades of Inu Yasha (with Hideyoshi in the Kagome role), while the search for the pieces of the red armour could very well take on Shikon no Tama aspects as well. I've also lost count of how many shows have taken us back to the days of Nobunaga and co, too, in a variety of fantastical twists on Japanese history.

THE GOOD: Strong production values, character designs for the girls are pleasing on the eye.

THE BAD: There's a distinct lack of original ideas here, and Hideyoshi herself is a little too materialistic to make for an appealing lead character. The show also seems to take itself a little too seriously, although that could yet change once the scene-setting's out of the way.

By rights, I should be dropping this right now, but there's a certain something that keeps me from writing it off just yet, even though I can't quite put my finger on it. I seriously doubt that Battle Girls is going to turn into the highlight of the season, but hope springs eternal - I'll stick with it for a while longer and see what it can pull out of its hat...

Battle Girls: Time Paradox is being simulcast by Crunchyroll.

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