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Friday, 08 April 2011 23:36
Ritsu Onodera quit working for his father’s company and transferred to work at the publishing company, Marukawa Shoten. To his dismay, he's assigned to edit shojo manga in which he has no interest or experience - and to add to that little problem, he works for a strict boss, Takano, that he has trouble getting along with from the beginning. But Onodera later discovers that he knows Takano from his past...

It ust be loveFor demonstration purposes only

There's a scene right at the beginning of the episode that shows Ritsu confessing his love to an older boy in the school library, and you just know that boy is going to turn out to be Takano. There are some hints to that effect dropped late in the episode, although it hasn't been properly revealed yet - I doubt it would count as much of a twist, though.

I probably shouldn't need to point out that this is a boy love title, so if you're not secure in your manliness or a raging BL fangirl, your mileage may definitely vary. It's on a slightly lower level than some yaoi I've seen lately (Junjo Romantica comes to mind, which had its male leads, uh, pleasuring each other before the half-way point of the first episode), so I don't think there's going to be much here that will invoke the squick reaction, anyway. To be honest, I was getting more of an Animation Runner Kuromi vibe from it than anything else - it has the same wacky sense of humour and industry insight that Kuromi had, just with manga instead of anime. And that's a very good show to be compared with.

THE GOOD: Sense of humour, fast pacing, Kuromi overtones.

THE BAD: A little too flowery in places. Although that does kinda go with the territory.

What I think of this one in the long run is probably going to depend on which way it goes - boy-on-boy romance I'm not so interested, but if it keep focussing on the industry / comedy side of things we could be on to a winner - that side of the show is genuinely good anyway, and more likely to appeal to a wider audience. We'll see soon enough.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi -World's Greatest First Love- is being simulcast by Crunchyroll.

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