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Sunday, 10 April 2011 20:46
Naoya has been taken to a magical land, where he is to enter into the harem of succubus Princess Lotte. He's not about to find himself used to sexual favours, though - due to trauma during her childhood, she positively hates men and surrounds herself with women whenever possible. Being a succubus still has certain... requirements, though, and it's Naoya's role to to be there when the time comes for Lotte to fill them...

AstarotteAsuha and Naoya

Part of the basic premise of this has me worried. Astarotte (or Lotte, to those close to her) is expected to carry out the duties that go along with her role as a succubus: primarily, extracting the "life seed" from males. While it's not made explicitly clear in the anime, "life-seed" is a euphemism for semen, and the method of extraction is sucking it out - I leave the rest to your imagination. Lotte is now 10 and, since her mother was happily sucking off every male in range at that age, the same is expected of Lotte.

On the surface, that sounds crass, wrong, and a quite epic level of just-don't-go-there. But, so far at least, that premise has just been mentioned in passing, with the episode's shenanigans feeling more like an effort to get Lotte a boyfriend, than someone she can suck off every night. The show's visual style also tends more towards the light-hearted and colourful, which kinda pushes you away from thinking of any of the characters in a sexual light. Which is just as well.

What's left, though, is as shallow as hell - a lightweight comedy of the sort that we've seen any number of times before, and this episode doesn't do anything to tell me that Astarotte's Toy has any sort of unique selling point that I should continue watching it for.

THE GOOD: Uh, I'll get back to you on that.

THE BAD: Underlying premise is creepy, even if it is underplayed. Put it to one side, and there's nothing else here.

Vacuous. I figure three good laughs in a 25-minute episode is a good target for a comedy series - Astarotte's Toy didn't manage any. It's completely formulaic and barely worth the time. Another one on notice of the three-episode-rule...

Astarotte's Toy is being simulcast by Crunchyroll.

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