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Friday, 27 May 2011 19:28
I am here. It's all in the name of family holiday ("vacation", for you US'ians) entertainment. The plan, though, was to squeeze a few streamed episodes of this'n'that in while I was away, to keep the anime withdrawal bug from biting.

You know what they say about plans surviving engagement with the real world. I'm writing this on my MacBook Air. The camp's free wifi doesn't reach as far as our apartment, so it's tethered to my jailbroken iPhone 3G, which is running MyWi to share out its cell data connection. Which would normally be great, except that we're in the wilds of the West Country, and the best it can pull in is a ropey GPRS signal. Thanks, O2. Suffice to say, that ain't enough to do much streaming from Crunchyroll with.

So my anime week so far has been an episode of Astarotte's Toy, gleefully consumed while on a visit to the Land of 3G (the laundrette). In the meantime my backlog of unwatched episodes is growing to monumental proportions, and my temper is getting increasingly frayed - mostly down to the presence of and overactive 5- and 2-year-old. It's what anime is meant to be my escape valve for.

So. Your holiday woes? Share.

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