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Saturday, 13 October 2012 21:24
When Akito transfers into the same school as his sister, Akiko, the two of them end up sharing a dorm together - the ideal situation for Akiko, whose major case of brother complex means that there's nothing she'd like more than to get Akito inter her pantsu. ut when Akito fails to show the expected interest in his little sister (who really doesn't see what his objection could be), Akiko quickly switches to scheming mode...

So the full Japanese title translates as "He's my brother, but as long as it's love it doesn't matter, right?"(or something like that) which should give you a fairly good idea of what you're getting here. Akiko wants to take her brother's virginity, he's not interested. Add in the other three members of the Student Council - emotionless blonde Anastasia, sword-wielding girl Arashi, and domestic god(dess) Gin (dresses as a girl, but I'd put money down now that (s)he's a trap) who are all equally keen to rob him of his innocence, and you have... Something that holds no interest for me at all. It's tasteless, it's not funny, and it drags horribly - when the eyecatch came up, I was initially convinced it was the end of the show, but sadly not.

THE GOOD: Cute character designs, which is really knida essential with this sort of show.

THE BAD: In all seriousness: everything else. Hackneyed, tastless 'plot', dimensionless characters, and more besides.

Dropped like a great big droppy thing.

OniAi is streamed by FUNimation (North America only).

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