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Sunday, 14 October 2012 19:05
I'm not even going to try an episode summary for this one - it went by too quickly to make writing one worthwhile. Suffice to say that it's the wacky adventures of Yuri and Kanae in their tennis club (later characters seem to go for baseball and lacrosse, but none of that yet), and leave it as that. At 2mins 30secs per episode, including the credits, it's over before you realise - but they manage to squeeze a surprising amount into that time. Mainlybyspeakingsodamnquickyouhavetostopandthinktorealisewherethewordsarebreakingupandwhatsgoingon. (Subtitles help in that, but only a little.) There's also no time to develop any real gags, and so it falls back on the ol' slapstick standby that usually gets wheeled out for this sort of show.

I've become more of a fan of short-form anime lately, with Yurumates and Poyopoyo leading the way in how to make good use of the format. Teekyu still feels like its struggling with making the most of the time available, though.

THE GOOD: Fast and frenetic, little chance to get bored.

THE BAD: Reliance on slapstick, no time for any sort of development.

The thing about short-form is, even if a show isn't all that good, because there's so little time commitment in checking it out each week, it has to be really bad to end up on the droplist - and Teekyu, despite its weaknesses, isn't that bad. A likely keeper, then.

Teekyu is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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