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Saturday, 05 January 2013 23:21
Eita Kidou wants to study, get good grades, and get into a promising school; love will have to wait. Much to the annoyance of his childhood friend, Chiwa. But the silver hair beauty who's just transferred into his class has other plans regarding that - she wants him. Badly. But her reasons for that are a little unusual...

Eita just wants to be able to study in peace, to achieve his dream of earning a medical school scholarship; Masuzu, it seems, also wants peace and quiet - to keep the rest of the boys in school off her case. In a way, Eita's her kindred spirit - and a 'fake' relationship between the pair of them should be just what they both need to get the peace they want. While Eita's not convinced about this plan, Masuzu's not against using a little blackmail to get her way - and so our story begins.

I have to say, I like Masuzu's style. Between the way she words her very public 'confession' to Eita, to the way she brandishes his diary and makes veiled threats about it leaking onto the internet, she has a mean streak that works for me. Eita and Chiwa I'm less interested in, as they're more simple characters - although there are hints that there's perhaps a little chuunibyou in Eita waiting to get out ("My true name in the Burning Fighting Fighter" - o rly? - and the small detail that his diary is decorated to look like a Death Note) that could lead to some fun if they're played the right way.

THE GOOD: Masuzu, who strikes just the right note between being appealing and downright evil. Leisurely pacing, and relaxing pastel-heavy visual style.

THE BAD: The OP song & animation sequence, which was sugary enough to almost put me off before the episode proper began.

I like it so far - not geared up to be one of the season highlights, I think, but there's enough here to have a decent amount of fun with. A keeper, for now at least.

Oreshura is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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