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Sunday, 06 January 2013 22:15
The friendship of high school boys can be a unique and oftentimes surreal existence for outsiders looking in. Of course, the friendship between our protagonists Ishida and Asakura, are no different. Join these two crazy characters as they get into all sorts of hilarious antics this winter season!

When big-racked Kinoshita-sensei asks her class what they're planning to do in the future, Ishida announces he wants to open a florists with Asakura - who in turn wants to become a teacher at an all-girls school. Something to do with big racks. Meanwhile, big-racked classmate Satou has marriage on her mind...

Yeah, big racks feature quite heavily in this - and to be fair the character designs of the female characters are easy enough on they eye. Huge racks - of which there are many - notwithstanding. The male characters, though, clearly fell out of the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down. Unlucky, dudes. With only 90 seconds of each episode devoted to 'story', you'd think it would be too short and sharp to wear thin - but, for this episode at least, it did.

THE GOOD: Sorry, drawing a blank.

THE BAD: Humour with a one-track mind, with that track going entirely in the wrong direction.

Daily Live of High School Boys it isn't, although it's arguably in the same category. Just couldn't warm to this one, and have no urge to 'learn' to like it. Dropped...

Ishida & Asakura is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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