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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 23:22
The leader of the criminal esper organisation PANDRA is imprisoned in the jail built especially to contain espers, Deadlock. Which is exactly how he planned things to go. There, he meets a man with unusually coloured eyes who catches his interest, Andy Hinomiya an esper who hates other espers, and who's resigned to his apparent fate of a life sentence in Deadlock. Hyobu, though, isn't planning on hanging around for long...

UNLIMITED has two things going against it for me, really: first, it's a spin-off of a series I haven't seen (Zettai Karen Children), and second, this episode has one of those "look at this monster I just created BECAUSE storylines. See also Guyver and Zetman. It's a type of story I really have very little time for, because I can never see the logic of what the villains are trying to achieve. Go figure.

Hyobu doesn't help himself either. Esper powers always have potential, but equally can be used as deus ex machina in every episode. Guess how they get used here - he's crazily overpowered when he unlocks himself, and that's just no fun outside of the realms of magical girl shows. Sure, there are some possibilities around Andy - revealed to be an undercover agent at the end of the episode - and one or two other hooks, but unfortunately my interest was already gone by that stage.

THE GOOD: Nope. I got nuthin'.

THE BAD: The clich├ęd ideas are strong with this one.

Onto the droplist with this one, unless someone can persuade me that better is yet to come.

THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyousuke is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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