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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 22:39
The Heroine wakes up on August 4th, with no memories of who she is or where she's been - but there's a mysterious spirit floating nearby her, giving her advice on what to do when young men Toma and Shin come to see her, concerned for her health after her collapse. But, as she continues to find herself unable to remember... well, anything, the spirit - named Orion - does his best to try and help...

"The Heroine", because she never gets named on-screen. Amnesia is one of those rare shows that I couldn't manage to complete the first episode of - I got about two-thirds through before a lethal case of "I really don't care about these characters or this story or anything that I'm watching" kicked in. The series is based on an 'otome' game - a dating sim aimed at a female audience - and you can't half tell, between the female lead with zero personality (protect what you want onto her), and the bevvy of bishounen that surround her. With her memories gone - an unfortunate side-effect of meeting alien spirit Orion, it seems - she now has to somehow 'reconnect' herself with those around her in the hopes that that will prompt her memories to return. Or something like that.

THE GOOD: Visually striking, particularly in how the eyes of a lot of the characters are drawn. THE EYES.

THE BAD: Everything else. Seriously.

Meh. I've limited tolerance for this sort of thing when it's the more traditional harem of females - a little eye-candy to ease the pain. When it's a harem of guys, there's really nothing here for me - although that's as much a side effect of me being waaaay out of the target audience as anything else. Dropped.

Amnesia is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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