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Thursday, 10 January 2013 23:48
Hoping to take his mind of his entirely non-existent love-life, Ken Sugisaki heads to the local game store, hoping to pick up a galge or two to sooth his feelings of inadequacy - only for store clerk Minase to do an A* job of reminding him why he's a complete loser. With galge in hand, though, the quest for the perfect harem end begins - with the lessons he's learning being played out in his daily school life. What could possibly go wrong..?

...and so this episode begins, before it takes a lengthy detour into recap-land to cover how Sugisaki came to be on the student council in the first place - a case of raging hormones for the other members, tempered by Minase's unerring ability to put him in his place. Since I never saw the first season, this works well - particularly since there's been a few years' break. The characters are fully aware of what this episode's about, too, as witnessed by Kurimu's comment that "the reason I had Sugisaki tell that long story was because we're getting another anime!". How meta.

What that means, of course, is that I get an excuse to try a series I would otherwise have passed on for fear of being out of the loop. Shame more shows don't take that approach, really. As for what we're getting here: I like the feel of this episode, the series has a sense of humour that's just about on my level (just short of the gutter), and while the girls all fit the usual galge archetypes, that seems to be kinda the point.

THE GOOD: I made me laugh. This seems to be getting harder and harder to do. Sense of humour tweaks my funny bone.

THE BAD: It is pretty much by-the-numbers, so if you're looking for something original, this isn't going to be it.

I normally wouldn't bother with 2nd seasons where I haven't seen the first, but in this case I'm glad I made the exception. Decent, lighthearted fun - roll on the 'proper' episode 1.

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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