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Thursday, 04 April 2013 22:10
Mankind's having a hard time of it - at war against an alien race, things are not going their way, with the aliens able to outfight and outmaneuver humans at every turn. The solution, it's been decided, is a new breed of pilot - something not quite human, something born for battle. Enter Team Rabbits, a special unit of 5 young warriors who should fit that bill. In theory. In practice, in training they've become known as the Fail Five - which should tell you just how well that plan is working. But sometimes you have to work with what you've got, no matter how #fail it may be...

Five minutes into this one I was getting strong Nadesico vibes (comic feel to a lot of what was going on, unseen alien invaders and a Jupiter connection), with a little Linebarrels of Iron (character designs look very similar). A little bit of Vandread in there, too. All of this is good - I've been hankering for a decent mech series for a while, and while Star Driver fill that hole for a while, as FABULOUS as it was it wasn't quite what I've been looking for. Majestic Prince, though, seems to tick all the boxes, at least in terms of having all the elements here - it's what it does with them now that'll be important, and this opening episode is too busy scene-setting and showing just how badass Team Rabbits can be when they finally get the chance to show it to spend any time really world-building.

As opening episodes go, it's fairly by-the-numbers, and the gang turning out to be the best of the best (with a little help from new technology) isn't going to surprise anyone. But it's presented well, with the battle scenes being very easy on the eye - hopefully not blowing all the budget at once there - and the typical range of character types playing off each other fairly well.

THE GOOD: Looks the part, takes the battle side seriously while still being able to poke some fun at the characters along the way. It's a good combination.

THE BAD: Can't quite put my finger on why, but the episode did feel a little lifeless in places. May just have been my mood while watching, though.

A decent start, then - there's potential here, and hopefully the series can make use of it. Will certainly be watching for a while yet to see.

Majestic Prince is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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