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Thursday, 04 April 2013 22:16
Japan has suddenly fallen prey to hordes of demons, and behind the chaos is a group of mysterious invaders, called the Septentriones, who are flinging the entire nation into the depths of despair! Is this a test for the human race? As their new cruel reality continues to trifle with the people, thirteen individuals with unique characteristics form contracts with demons to become the Devil Summoners, giving them the power to fight the invaders...

Most impressive thing about this show: those cellphones seems to get a signal just about anywhere, unless the plot needs them not to. And who wouldn't want to be given multiple chances at life by a genki AI bunnygirl? And let's not forget that the mysterious Men in Black appear to be the Japanese equivalent of the Met Office.

Why yes, I did have trouble taking this too seriously - although it does appear to take itself deadly straight. But an invasion of demon that can only be countered by avatars summoned through a smartphone, by people in a situation that could be straight out of GANTZ? Not convinced, yet.

THE GOOD: Decent visuals, some creative opponents for the three 'heroes' to deal with. If you like fighting shows, this looks likely to be up your alley.

THE BAD: Too many aspects that are just too outlandish for me to buy in a series that seems to take itself seriously. And how many times can Daichi get himself killed in one episode!?

Not so bad that I'm ready to drop it yet, but Devil Survivor 2 has some work to do to really catch the attention.

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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