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Friday, 05 April 2013 21:40
Satan, the Overlord: symbol of cruelty and fear, and the lord of all demons that stalk in the shadows. He'd normally be inflicting that fear on his own world - but the rise of a Hero has put paid to that ambition, and with his forces on the verge of defeat, he beats a hasty retreat. To modern-day Tokyo, which wasn't actually part of the plan. Faced with having to live in an unfamiliar society, Satan uses his last dregs of magic power to get... er... a residence permit, bank account, apartment, and part-time job at MgRonald's. Well, a deposed evil overlord has to restart somewhere...

For the first few moments, it's almost like the demon war of Maoyu got spun off into its own series - and then we get the comical shift that sees the lord of all demons working part-time in a burger joint while he raises the money needed to conquer the world. It's doubly funny thanks to the way he completely throws himself into his job, too. Only a few dregs of magic left? Use them to fix the fryer! It's an emergency!

Satan, it has to be said, is as thick as two short plans, which probably explains why he gets on so well with ultra-cute co-worker Chiho. Fellow demon Alsiel, on the other hand, is clearly the brains of the outfit, and I suspect will end up sharing the common-sense role with Emilia - the Hero, also now trapped in Tokyo.

THE GOOD: One of the most curious show setups I've seen in a while, and poised to give us plenty of silliness. Particularly love the culture-shock aspect of two strangers coming to grips with the modern world.

THE BAD: Can't really point at anything at the moment. It's the sort of concept that can tend to be pretty hit-and-miss, depending what they're poking fun at each week, but we'll see how that goes.

A good start, then, and if they keep up this level of funny I'll be a happy bunny. Fingers crossed...

Demon is a Part-timer! is streamed by FUNimation.

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