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Saturday, 06 April 2013 21:18
Brace yourselves, everyone, Kirino's back from the US. The prospect's enough to give Kyosuke nightmares - mostly of the time she turned from being a kawaii little sister into the sister from hell. Of course, things have moved on a bit from then, but her time in the US seems to have turned Kirino to the cold side again. Perhaps because he's the one who hauled her back from the US. So what can he do to get their relationship back on track..?

Took me all of about three minutes of this to remember just how hateful Kirino can be at times. Poor Kyousuke - and even Kuroneko seems to have gone cold-shoulder on him. Yup, the opening episode of this season seems to have fallen into the "let's undo all of the good progress that we made with our characters when you last saw them" trap, and that makes me a very unhappy bunny.

On the other hand, we do at least have Kuroneko and the rest of the gang, and the games club and other things introduced during the 'Kuroneko arc' haven't entirely been forgotten, so it's not all bad. But it does feel as though an at least partial reset button has been hit between seasons, and I dunno that I could be bothered sitting through too many episodes of getting things 'back on track'.

THE GOOD: Not a hell of a lot yet, although I'm expecting most of the show's good aspects to filter back in before too long. They'd better, at any rate...

THE BAD: Kirino bitchiness back to full force, and a general reset-ish feeling since last we last saw them.

Of the returning shows this season, Oreimo was probably the one I was least looking forward to, mostly on account of Kirino's return. So far, my reticence is being proved spot-on. There's enough I like about other aspects of the show, though, that I'll need to give it a few more episodes. Just to be sure.

Oreimo is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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