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Sunday, 07 April 2013 10:09
Urban legend has it that in the old mansion atop the hill, there's a ghost with really long hair. Hardly the stuff to inspire fear, but when young man Haimura Kiri - who suffers from a Grade A hair fetish - passes by, he finds the ghost in question. Except she's not a ghost - her name is Mushanokouji Iwai, and her hair is unusual in that it's impossible to cut...

The important thing to note is that her hair is impossible to cut because of a curse. So what if you used something equally cursed to cut it? Enter a pair of scissors that Kiri owns, previously used by his family's resident serial killer to disembowel his victims - an example of "Killing Goods" (a concept the series seems to be playing heavily on already) if ever there was one. Sure enough, they do the job - and earn the name 'The Severing Crime Edge' as a result. You can watch the show to get the story behind that bit.

On the surface, a happy ending? But beneath the surface, darker forces are at - mostly in the form of the Byouinzaka girls, representatives of a shadowy (and no doubt evil) organisation who have been 'caring' for Iwai (read: subjecting her to endless mental abuse) since her parents disappeared from the scene. Suspicious circumstances were involved. So will Kiri be their next victim, or will be prove to be Iwai's hairdressing saviour..?

I wasn't sure what to expect from this one when I watched it, although the overnight hype on Twitter was good. To me, it seems like a cross between Mysterious Girlfriend X (creepy fetish focus) and Mirai Nikki (general craziness of concept and potential for either Iwai or Kiri to go batshit crazy on us), with a dash of crime-solving for good measure (finding out exactly what lies in both Iwai's and Kiri's pasts) that I suspect will play a large part in how the show plays out.

THE GOOD: Very atmospheric, set-up is clearly directing us towards something very dark and moody, and the Byouinzaka girls seem to be distilled evil. I like that in a series.

THE BAD: Hair fetish is overplayed, but then we'll probably become desensitised to that as quickly as we did to MGX's spit-swapping. Curse of being an anime fan, that.

Definitely a curious start, and easily wins the 'best atmosphere' award from the shows I've seen so far. It's what they do from here, now that they've established the relationship between Kiri and Iwai, that'll make the series, though. The series does seem to be on the right track, though.

The Severing Crime Edge is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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