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Wednesday, 10 April 2013 21:16
Because Sparrow's Hotel is located downtown, dangerous things like over-drinking and fights are commonplace, which causes trouble for manager Shiokawa Tamaki. Then Satou Sayuri approaches the front desk for a job interview, listing her special skills as "large breasts" and "assassination." She's hired on a trial basis as a special task force and guard, but... Massive strength! Massive breasts?! This gag anime illustrates the daily lives of the new front desk staff, Satou Sayuri; the level-headed manager who happens to look like a middle schooler, Shiokawa Tamaki; and the guests who visit the Sparrow's Hotel just to see them.

Official blurb there - 3 minute episodes don't really give much time for writing my own synopsis. The idea of Sparrow's Hotel is simple, really - poor Sayuri's a bit of a freakshow, and the series is all about her adventures. Which really doesn't work as well as it could or would. A large part of that I put down to the animation, which is really cheap & simplistic-looking. Admittedly, humour is one of the most subjective things there is, so you may get more mileage out of this than I did, but I wouldn't get hopes up.

THE GOOD: It's only 3 minutes long.

THE BAD: Cheap-looking, not particularly funny. Which is kind of a lethal error for something pitching itself as a gag anime.

One for the droplist, then. Moving quickly onwards...

Sparrow's Hotel is streamed by Crunchyroll.

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