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Sunday, 14 April 2013 22:24
Another day in Academy City, and not for the first time Misaka's had to save Saten from the over-eager attentions of the local boys. No great change there, then. But while that's easy, dealing with fellow Level 5 esper Shokuhou is hard - they really don't get along, and it seems there's nothing Shokuhou would like better than to take Misaka down a few pegs. Meanwhile, AntiSkill get caught out when a radical they're supposed to be guarding escapes, taking one of the girls as a hostage...

A new season of Railgun is like welcoming an old friend - it’s been about 2 years since I saw the first season, which was a lot of fun to watch, and this episode at least easily lives up to the early hopes I had for the show’s return.

There’s a lot packed into this episode, too - starting with the traditional Misaka-zapping-the-hoodlums scene, we zip through quick introductions for most of the main characters to give us a chance to remember who they all are; a pointedly dark scene between Misaka and Shokuho that seems to set up that she’s going to be one of the major issues for the Railgun to deal with this season; and a hostage situation that lets both Misaka and Kuroko really show off what they’re capable of. And with no expense spared on the budget this week either, it all looks pretty damned amazing.

THE GOOD: It's Railgun. That should be enough for you right there. But it's also immense fun, and damned good looking to watch.

THE BAD: Some people will point to Touma's appearance as the 'bad' for this episode, but - perhaps because I've never bothered watching Index - he doesn't really bother me. Aside from that, pretty much perfect as opening episodes go.

I sat through the episode with a massively wide grin on my face. There’s nothing here that was much of a surprise, but it’s all in the presentation - there’s a good flow to events, little touches here and there that you almost barely notice but that make you smile when you see them. More, please.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S is streamed by FUNimation.

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