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Monday Musings
Monday, 28 February 2011 10:18
Musings on a slightly more lightweight topic this week - unless you're the subject of the affections of one of the ladies that suffers what we're talking about. From the group of personality types that brought us tsundere and kuudere (amongst others) comes the one that will kill you if you make a false move: yandere...

Fear this expressionShe's your best childhood friend, always by your side, willing to do anything for you, your most trusted ally in all the world. She's also watching your other female friends very closely, and if either you or they should step out of line and not live up to the little idealised world she's living in her head, then god help you both. The first yandere character I knowingly encountered was Kaede in Shuffle!, and watching her was something like watching an impending train crash - you could see from the way she had so totally devoted herself to her chosen man, Rin, that something had to give, and give it did. She snapped in quite dramatic fashion, although not so dramatically as the poster child for the archetype: School Days' Kotonoha Katsura, who snapped in such dramatic fashion that the results couldn't be shown on TV, thanks to similarities to a real-world incident. The episode's replacement became a meme of epic proportions.

Nice boatYandere girls, then, are mad, bad and dangerous to know. And yet they're not without their fans - and I have to say, I don't get it. Yes, there's the appeal of having the "ideal girlfriend", as there's nothing they wouldn't do for you while you stay on the right side of them - but the risks are way beyond any rewards. Do a web search for "favourite yandere", though, and you'll find a host of message boards with people discussing which girl they'd rather have dismember them in a fit of rage and why.

Go figure. So tell me: what is it about yandere girls that floats your boat (if you'll excuse the pun)? What are the outstanding examples of the type? An enquiring mind wants to know...

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