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Monday, 08 September 2008 03:24

It's been a while since I felt the need to do a Right to Reply piece. My last review of Naruto didn't go down too well with reader Emma (punctuation added):

Your review of naruto was completly unfair. The whole reason why a bit of it is repeated is for good reasons (ie. tv broadcasting) - the way in which it is shown makes a lot more sense than if it wasn't there. The fact that the fight scenes were insulted and called "boring" is little to say unjust, if you don't like violent things then don't watch a program based on fighting anime.
Couple of things to cover there. Criticising a series doesn't automatically mean I don't like it or don't like that sort of thing - I enjoy Inu Yasha, but as you'll realise when the Season Four reviews begin to appear on the site, there are parts of that series that I lay into for being repetitive. You can't accuse me of not liking violence when shows like Berserk and Black Lagoon both score well.

Konohamaru wrote a bad review of the last volume
Konohamaru had written a bad review of the last Naruto release...

Likewise, I've never dismissed Naruto as a whole - some sets I've enjoyed, some I haven't, and each release brings something new to the table. The series has its charms and its high points, and they just make the low points - the regular detailed explanations of everything and the fights which span over many, many episodes - all the more frustrating. They're flaws that almost all shows based on Shonen Jump manga have to some extent, Naruto just takes them to the extreme. But I'm happy to praise the series where is deserves it - I've done that in the past, and the upcoming review of Season Four #1 may have a few compliments in there as well. You'll have to read it to see. :)

As for "If you don't like it, don't watch it" - I have a policy of reviewing everything I'm sent to review, and I've yet to come across a series so unwatchable that I've been tempted to change that. That means that Naruto will be in line for regular criticism - and occasional praise - for a while yet.

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