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Shameless Promotion
Tuesday, 11 December 2007 01:46

WitchbladeThat's the tagline that FUNimation are using for the US release of Witchblade, anyway - although having had a look at some of the promo art, I don't see it myself. Go figure.

Based on an American comic series, Witchblade is currently one of the best-selling anime shows in the US - I wonder if it will live up to the hype..? With the series boasting...

" unusually emotive and involving storyline that posits a moving mother-daughter relationship saga against the backdrop of an explosive supernatural action-adventure" certainly sounds good. The series is getting its UK release courtesy of MVM Entertainment, with the first volume out in February. I have a copy here that I'll be reviewing soon, so keep an eye out for that - in the meantime, MVM have kindly provided a few promotional clips to whet your appetite with.

MVM Trailer | Promo Clip | FUNimation Trailer

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