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Monday, 07 February 2011 12:03
No new review today. Since I started doing this anime review thing back in 2003, I've prided myself on having at least one new review to post every weekday, but it seems that those days are over - although it's not for lack of watching on my part.

Instead, I can point to the way anime is being released these days. On the DVD front, we've gone from singles releases with 3-4 episodes each, to cour sets with 12-13 episodes - which by itself would cut the number of releases to review by two-thirds. There's less anime around in the first place, too, thanks to the general implosion in the market.

Simulcasts helped pad things out for a while, but having tried reviewing them an episode at a time I've decided that's not the way to do them - too often there's simply nothing worth writing about from one episode to the next without repeating myself. Instead, I'll be reviewing complete seasons when they're done, with the "First Thoughts" posts I've done the past two seasons continuing as well. I'd also played with "Revisited" reviews of old shows that I'd seen but never posted reviews for, but experience tells me that interest in those pieces was very limited.

All of this means that there's simply less to review, so from here on in I'll be doing quite well to average 2 new reviews a week. So, do I try to fill the gaps, or just let things tail off?

Well, a little bit of both seems to be the answer. Starting next week I'll have a new weekly feature, the Monday Musings, where I'll take whatever anime-related subject happens to be catching my fancy at the time and pontificating on it. Hopefully people will find these interesting, but I make no guarantees. :) I'm also hoping to delve more into the news & curiosities side of things, as and when I find things that I think are of interest. Ultimately, though, there will probably be a little less content going up on AnimeVision.

But I'm open to suggestions. If there's something you'd like to see me do, or you'd like to make your own contribution to the site, drop a comment to this post and let me know.

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