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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 23:46
So, when you've been writing anime reviews for 8 years or so, you get into a set way of doing it. For me, that means sitting with a laptop on my knee while watching, tapping down little random observations during each episode that I can refer to later when I'm writing the review. The thing is, the vast majority of these little observations get deleted without ever really making it any further - which is a shame, as it's real 'stream of consciousness' stuff which could tell you things about a series that the eventual review would never touch upon. They can also be quite witty, if I do say so myself.

Enter Rough Cuts, where instead of hitting delete on them, I post them to AV instead. You'll find the first installment here - and be warned, there are many spoilers, typos, and some unsavoury language.

Here's how they'll work. Rough Cuts will be posted on every day I watch some anime (so almost daily, but not quite), with an entry for each episode watched - on average 6-8 episodes per day (the daily record is 20, but that doesn't happen very often!). They won't be posted to the front page, but will be linked in the sidebar and on the Twitter feed each day. Hopefully you'll find them a fun little diversion, at least..! As ever, comments welcome - post 'em here, or drop me a mention on Twitter.

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