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Friday, 04 May 2012 02:00
Found AnimeVision through the Aniblog Tourney? Welcome! Read on below the cut for a quick introduction to the site...

Who We Are
..or more accurately, "who I am" - AV's a one-man operation, with me (maehara) posting as many reviews as I can manage to write since late-2003. You'll also find me over at The Fandom Post, where a selection of reviews and occasional articles are cross-posted.

What We Cover
- UK physical releases: on both DVD and Blu-ray. I try to review everything that's released in the UK (disclosure: I get review copies from Manga Entertainment UK and MVM Entertainment, everything else I buy myself) - not quite a complete archive of them, but pretty close;

- Simulcasts: which get quick First Thoughts posts after their first episode, followed by full reviews at the end of their run (or every two seasons, if they're long-running shows). Unless they end up on the droplist, at least; and

- anything else that comes my way via the various streaming services or imports from the US. There are also occasional articles, and news pieces when I have the time to do them.

A little bit of everything, then. Have a look around, and when AV comes round in the Tourney voting (5th May), vote for us. Or Moe Fundamentalism, if you reckon that's the better site. Either way, thanks for looking around...

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