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Monday, 29 October 2007 03:18

Afro SamuraiKiller bear!?

Looks like Afro Samurai will be returning for a second season, according to reports over at Mainichi Shinbun, who also have an interview with mangaka Takashi Okazaki.

Speaking about the popularity of his creation, now voiced by Samuel L Jackson, Okazaki-san said:

"I never expected Afro Samurai to get this huge. It started out as doodlings I made in college. Now, I have Samuel doing Afro's voice, and lots of black kids thanking me for creating an awesome hero. I just can't believe it."
I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Okazaki-san during London Expo recently, and he did genuinely seem surprised by the series' success. I have my signed Collector's Edition waiting on the shelf until I have time to watch it, so I can't speak for how good the series is yet, but Afro Samurai seems to have become a genuine breakout hit - and that can only be a good thing.

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