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Wednesday, 14 November 2007 01:30

Sometimes you just have to mention which companies are involved in a series to get a decent feel for what you're going to get. There's a new action / mecha series on the way, Blassreiter, that's got me a little confused about the possibilities, though - it's a co-production between Gonzo (Gantz, Burst Angel, Samurai 7 and Nitro+ (Phantom of Inferno, Demonbane). Details on what the show's going to be about are sketchy at best - a preview manga is due out in December, but in the meantime a Flash teaser has been posted on the Nitro+ website that should give you the basic feel. It looks smart, anyway.

BlassreiterBig robots

Its chances of being any good? GONZO are hit-and-miss - when they're adapting stories written by other people, they're great (Gankutsuou), but when they're animating their own stuff it's usually a disaster waiting to happen. On the Nitro+ side, both Phantom of Inferno and Demonbane were good shows (both based on 'visual novels'), although for very different reasons - one's an assassin show with a heart, the other's a guilty pleasure - but that does leave me hopeful about anything else that they produce. I'll be keeping a curious eye on this one.

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