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Wednesday, 12 December 2007 02:16
Soul Eater

Japanese studio BONES (responsible for RahXephon, Wolf's Rain and Fullmetal Alchemist, amongst other things) have announced that their next project will be an anime adaptation of manga series Soul Eater.

The series is set at the Shinigami Weaponry Vocational School, a school for creating Death Scythes for shinigami. The human and demon students seek the seeds of the souls of 99 humans and the soul of one witch, all of which are needed to turn just one of the demon students into a Death Scythe. One of the human students, Maka Alban, is paired with Soul Eater, a boyish demon whose true form is a scythe, as they collect the needed souls to transform Soul Eater. Ten volumes have been compiled and published in Japan so far. The manga hasn't yet been released in an English-language version.

BONES' record has been a little patchy of late - I suspect there will be quite a few of the studio's fans hoping this series will mark a return to form. The idea sounds interesting enough, at least. More details at the show's official website (in Japanese).

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