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Monday, 09 June 2008 01:07

I'm coming to realise that in some ways, there's no-one who can milk a franchise quite like the Japanese. In advance of the August 2nd release of director Mamoru Oshii's latest work The Sky Crawlers, old stalwart Ghost in the Shell is getting an updated '2.0' theatrical release. The new edition features new CG & digital effects for a number of scenes and a new 6.1-channel soundtrack, courtesy of Lucas Digital's Skywalker Sound. The voice track has also been re-recorded, with most of the original cast reunited for the job - the one major exception being the character of the Puppet Master. Originally voiced by Iemasa Kayumi, the character will now be played by Yoshiko Sakakibara (who played Prime Minister Kayabuki in the Stand Alone Complex TV series). 2.0 hits Japanese theatres on July 2nd - expect an inevitable DVD and/or Blu-ray release in the not-to-distant future...

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