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Friday, 10 April 2009 13:17

Cutie HoneyWhat They Say...
Aside from her ditzy demeanour, disarming naiveté and disregard for punctuality Honey Kisaragi (Eriko Sato) is a seemingly ordinary office temp whose favourite leisure pursuit involves lounging around in her underwear and playing with her cat. But that all changes when the world is threatened by a bunch of hate-spreading super-villains known as the Panther Claw gang, who were responsible for the death of her scientist father and have now kidnapped her uncle. With a touch of her specially developed "I-System" necklace and a cry of "Honey… Flash!" Honey is instantly transformed into a pneumatically nubile, neon pink spandex-clad Warrior of Love intent on avenging her father's murder and rescuing her uncle. Reluctantly assisted by no-nonsense female cop Natsuko Aki (Mikako Ichikawa) and super-cool reporter Seiji (Jun Murakami), Honey prepares to take on the evil tree demon Sister Jill (Eisuke Sakai) and her Panther Claw cohorts in a thrilling battle between good and evil, love and hate.

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