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Written by maehara   
Wednesday, 27 October 2004 00:00
Windy Tales - Episode 1One of this season's stranger new shows, featuring flying cats and some very unusual character designs - here's a first look at Windy Tales...

1 - Wind Cat
Nao has a fascination with the clouds and the wind - so much so that she's happy to skip class just so she can sit & take photos of the cloud. When a freak gust of wind carries a cat into the air, Nao is caught up in it a blown off the school roof - a gust that seemed to be centered on one of her teachers, Taiki. Her accident leads to rumours that she tried to commit suicide, though, so Nao tries to find the 'flying cat' she'd seen earlier to prove her side of the story...

2 - Wind Festival
Nao, Miki & Jun have headed off to Taiki-sensei's home village - Nao is hoping to learn more about his ability to control the wind, and the upcoming Wind Festival there seems as good a chance as any. At first, Taiki's not pleased to see them - he came home to get a break from teaching, not to do more of it - so they have to resort to one of the village's older folk for lessons. It's soon time for the Wind Festival, though - and despite being told to stay indoors during it,as the winds used could kill, Nao's determined to see it first-hand...

Character designs are 'interesting' - this is not a show you could call 'visually pleasing', by any stretch. The art style's more what you would expect to see from a trying-to-be-hip American cartoon, rather than anime.

The feel and flow of the series, though, is definitely more 'trasitional anime' - this is a slice-of-life series, with a twist - the twist being those who are able to control the wind. So far the story is all about Nao and her efforts to find out more about this - it's really an extension of the fascination with the wind that she already had - and while the show is slow-paced and unusually drawn, it does a good job of catching the attention.

I've mentioned in one or two recent shows that I'm just about OD'd on 'slice-of-life' anime. Windy Tales has surprised my by being in some ways more of the same, but in other ways intriguing enough to beep me interested. A breath of fresh air, if you like, and well worth checking out.