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Written by maehara   
Monday, 08 January 2007 04:00
Blue GenderWill Yuji ever make it to Baikonur?  Not if his hormones keep getting in the way.  After his experiences in Seoul, you would think he'd know better than to get attached to any more surface-dwellers, bun an encounter with a nomadic girl named Elena soon has him questioning the need to get off the planet...

7 - Sympath
Still en route to Baikonur, Marlene and Yuji cross paths with a rough-mannered stranger named Dice, who seems to have once been a member of one of Second Earth's military units - not that he's inclined to be overly helpful to Marlene and Yuji when it comes to providing information about his past.  With the Blue lurking dangerously close, he offers them shelter for the night, and Yuji is given a glimpse into his seemingly carefree life.  But as Yuji soon discovers, no one left on Earth is without their demons, not even Dice.

Moment of relaxationBad first impressions

8 - Oasis
Yuji is separated from Marlene and Dice amidst the confusion of a sandstorm.  He is rescued from the desert by a band of nomads, and is befriended by Elena, a young nomad girl.  As Yuji begins to believe that a peaceful life might still be possible, a raid by a group of bandits serves him a harsh reminder that there is more than one kind of danger in the world - and it is never far away.  Meanwhile, Marlene begins to worry about what's happened to Yuji - all in the name of getting her Sample back to the station, of course.  At least, that's what she's telling Dice...

Good samaritanBanditry

9 - Confirm
Marlene and Dice are reunited with Yuji outside the nomad camp.  Marlene presses Yuji to continue the journey to Second Earth, but he refuses and decides to remain with Elena and her people, and to live out the rest of his life in peace.  But when Marlene and Dice are attacked by the Blue, Yuji is forced to choose between his life with Elena and saving the lives of his friends...

Come with meFarewell?

It's great when DVD packaging provides proper episode summaries - it makes writing my own so much easier.  Anyway.

Dice makes a good, if temporary, addition to the cast - he's very adept in seeing through what people say to what they really feel, and he gives Yuji in particular a few awkward moments when he winds him up about his now-obvious feelings for Marlene.  He's got his own issues to work through, though - he's been staying at the supply depot as the Blue there had killed someone close to him, and it's only after it's finally been killed that he finally joins up with Marlene & Yuji on their trip to Baikonur - in the process giving them access to motorised transport.  That ought to save the feet.

Not that it looks like Yuji's travels will continue for long, as his hormones get the better of him after meeting Elena.  She gets a lot of stick from her people about falling for Yuji, although she doesn't much care about their opinions - she's just happy to have found someone who brings something different into her life.  All very touching, although you know from the start that very little in this series looks set to have a happy ending, and you do begin to wonder about Yuji's good sense - everyone else he's met since being awakened has met a gruesome end at the hands of the Blue, he should realise that it'll only be a matter of time before it happens to Elena's people.  The two episodes covering this little story arc are good in terms of development for Yuji, but maybe also a little cynical in terms of manipulating the viewer.  I did enjoy them though, despite that, and it does help Yuji go a little further down the line of admitting what he feels for Marlene.

The disc ends with Baikonur in sight and with Dice heading back to where he came from.  With journey's end literally just in front of them safety seems a distinct possibility - but I doubt it'll be that easy for the two wanderers.  Next volume will cover that one way or the other - in the meantime, this volume has been thoroughly enjoyable and is well worth watching.  At least the end of the "road movie" segment of the story is near.

Rating - ****

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