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Written by maehara   
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 00:00
Blue GenderMarlene's attempts to bring Yuji back from the edge continue, but while she's concentrating on him there are other Sleepers out in the field who could equally use the attention - and the failure of the High Council to realise this soon leads to Second Earth being placed in danger of complete destruction.  Can Yuji & Marlene prevent the final annihilation of mankind..?

19 - Collapse
Marlene vows to find a way to stop Yuji from taking part in any further action, despite warnings from Miyagi that it's probably too late now to save him.  With attention focussed on the surface, Miyagi's also seen his chance to overthrow the High Council and puts his own plans into action.  Aware that a successful takeover by Miyagi will give her a better chance of following Yuji down to the surface, Marlene throws her lot in with him and joins the forces attempting to seize control of Second Earth.  Down on Earth, meanwhile, Yuji and the other Sleepers have been assigned to destroy another Blue nest.  With Marlene gone, Alicia's assigned to be Yuji's support - and once she sees him in action first-hand, she begins to realise just how much he's changed...

Pining for YujiMan in love

20 - Versus
After catching up with Yuji, Marlene begs him to stop fighting - but he's really not interested.  He barely even recognises her, and since she's not helping his fight he sees her as an enemy and attacks her, disabling her Armor Shrike and warning her not to interfere before heading back into the fight.  Alicia, meanwhile, follows Tony into the centre of the Blue nest...

On the wrong end of Yuji's angerResigned

21 - Joker
Marlene and Yuji arrive back at the shuttle port and begin prepping one of the remaining suttles for launch.  Bad weather - and Yuji being a bit of a basket case - prevent them from leaving immediately, which soon turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  Back in orbit, the High Council plays their trump card for forcing Miyagi to relinquish his control of Second Earth: threatening to kill 300,000 civilians held in "cold storage" on the medical station.  Miyagi has a more immediate problem to deal with, though: the approach to the station of a shuttle carrying Tony and Alicia.  Miyagi's smart enough to refuse docking permission to the shuttle - he's aware that the pair have spent time in a Blue hive and emerged unharmed, and from his experience with the Sleepers he's aware of what that could mean - but High Council President Victor isn't so smart and allows the shuttle to dock with the medical station...

La Blue Girl?Determined

22 - Dogma
Yuji and Marlene manage to make it on board the medical station without too many problems, and are stunned by what they find - the Blue have been busy, and there are very few humans left alive, but they manage to meet up with the remnants of their old squad, and with Lu - the sole survivor of the High Council, who is able to tell them where Tony is likley to be.  While Yuji & the others try to tackle Tony head on, though, Miyagi is preparing his backup plan - which could well see Yuji and his squad killed, regardless of how they deal with Tony...

Could you kill her?In the hive

Episodes 19 & 20 don't provide much in the way of surprises - Yuji's continued bad behaviour and Marlene's attempts to save him won't surprise anyone in light of the relationship that developed between them earlier in the series, while Miyagi's attempts to take control of Second Earth are as much a natural reaction to the oppressive, militaristic rule of the High Council as they are linked to his beliefs about the danger the Sleepers pose.  Plenty of action there, which is enjoyable enough, but nothing really spectacular.

That comes with the remaining episodes, which throw a very large spanner into the works courtesy of Tony.  His behaviour has been slightly different from Yuji's, in that his obsession with the Blue wasn't the same "kill them all" approach that Yuji has, so it's not hugely surprising to see him switch sides - especially after all the talk of B-cells that makes it clear that the Sleepers are all on the verge of being Blue themselves.  But the ease with which he's able to help the Blue inflitrate Second Earth, bringing them to humanity's final safe haven, was a surprise - as was Alicia's own change of sides.

Alicia was never as "into" the military life as the others.  She's a young girl out of place and time in the world she finds herself in, a feeling that hasn't been helped by being at best ignored and at worst spurned by Yuji, the one person she wanted to get close to.  Her motivations are more the result of being the woman scorned than of her B-cells, but the results are much the same - she becomes a threat, and how the story played out ofter she and Yuji met up again was quite a powerful set of scenes.  Interesting to see how much of a role love is playing here - the love of a good woman saved Yuji, and lack of love could well be Alicia's - and humanity's - downfall.

Against that, Miyagi's continued efforts to come up with a Plan B should Yuji and Marlene be unable to stop Tony becomes a sideshow - although what he's planning will probably have a major impact on the final volume, Yuji and co have more immediate problems to worry about.

As you'd expect with the series approaching the end of its run, these episodes have really picked up the pace and thrown a few curveballs into the mix to produce possibly the best volume of Blue Gender yet.  The ending of this disc is a major cliffhanger, and left me wanting to just throw the next disc straight in - and if it hadn't already been 3am I would have.  As it is, it can't wait to see the final instalment.  Hugely enjoyable.

Rating - ****

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