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Written by maehara   
Friday, 27 November 2009 00:00
Inu YashaThe Shichinintai arc continues, and the Band of Seven are continuing to drop in number - not that this seems to be bothering Bankotsu, at least not yet. While Sango and Miroku continue their mission on Mt Hakurei, Inuyasha and Kagome have other problems to deal with...

115 - Lured by the Black Light
A chance encounter between Kikyo and Bankotsu turns out to be surprisingly uneventful - Bankotsu has heard of her, but with no orders from Naraku to kill her, he's happy to let her pass. Kikyo's not so generous, though - he has at least six Shikon shards in his possession, and if he's planning to use them for evil intentions (almost a certainty) she can't leave him be. Her first course of action is to try and persuade him to do something better with his newly-restored life - not a suggestion he's particularly open to hearing. Jakotsu, meanwhile, continues to battle with Sesshomaru, while Sango and Miroku continue to their efforts to find a way through Mt Hakurei's barrier. Their progress is being closely watched, though, by Kohaku and Kanna...

Take aimHidden in the mist

116 - The Exposed Face of Truth
Inuyasha and Kagome finally manage to get Koga to a place of safety, where he'll have a chance to recover from the injuries that Jakotsu inflicted on him - not that Inuyasha's entirely happy with that idea. Suikotsu, meanwhile, is having trouble keeping his peaceful personality in check, and is finding himself unable to harm others - placing him at something of a disadvantage now that Sesshomaru is heading his way, looking to retrieve Rin from the Shichinintai's grasp. Back at Mt Hakurei, though, Sango and Miroku have found themselves lost inside a maze of tunnels - but receive help from an unexpected source...


117 - Vanished in a River of Flames
Renkotsu, as we already know, isn't the most loyal member of the Shichinintai - he's constantly looking for a way to get out from under Bankotsu's control and influence, and the Shikon shards seem to be his best hope of doing that. He's already added Ginkotsu's to his own, but he needs more to achieve his aims - and the injured Koga seems his best bet in getting some. Koga's at least awake now - and in foul form after finding out it was Inuyasha who saved his skin - but he's still in no condition to put up a fight, so when Renkotsu comes looking, led to him by one of Naraku's bees, it spells serious trouble...

He's back...Taken a beating

One of the best things about the Shichinintai arc - apart from the Band of Seven themselves - is the way in which the lead characters are split into several groups, leading to the arc having several different, competing storylines. That's not something the Inu Yasha usually does - it's ambitious, in a way, but it works well in keeping the episodes interesting. There's never any chance for an arc to get dull or tedious, as the series is so busy switching between storylines.

All those storylines also mean that plenty of characters get their chance to shine. On this volume, it's Kikyo and Koga that get the best of the spotlight - usually a combination that would put me off, as I'm no fan of either character, but Kikyo in particular has been given some good material to work with, with her connection to Suikotsu and the way she has to deal with her proximity to Mt Hakurei's barrier both providing good ways to develop her personality and make her a more sympthetic character. Shame that was left so late in the series.

As for Koga... well, I'll probably never really like him, but given that his role in this arc seems to be 'punchbag', I'm not going to complain too much. His pride is his most annoying trait, and seeing him get regular beatings at the hands of the Shichinintai, beatings which bring him down to earth just a little, makes him infinitely more bearable. This is also where Inuyasha and Kagome get most of their screentime this disc, and to be honest they've been relegated to bit-players for a while, with Sango and Miroku left to deal with the most important issues.

They're doing their best to get inside Mt Hakurei, convinced that the barrier is hiding Naraku. That certainly seems to be the case, with Kagura, Kanna and Kohaku all doing their best to protect the secrets behind the barrier. Through all three storylines, the Band of Seven (reduced to the Band of Three now) provide worthy opposition for the good guys, while their own internal rivalries - particularly where Renkotsu's concerned - give you something else to keep an eye on.

Add in regular appearances by Sesshomaru, and there's plenty to like here. It's just a shame that Inu Yasha can't be this good all the time.

Rating - ****

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