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Written by maehara   
Monday, 27 June 2005 12:24
Blue Gender - Cover ArtBlue Gender: The Warrior is a re-splicing of the Blue Gender TV series (26 episodes) down into a 100-minute movie.  While I've never seen the TV series, it doesn't take genius to figure out that you're losing a hell of a lot of plot & background with that sort of edit, but surprisingly it seems to work...

The Blue have replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth, and since 2031 have pretty much had their way with the planet.  Blue Gender opens in the darkest days of the war on Earth, when the last of the human race were preparing to abandon the planet.  Yuji Kaido, a 'sleeper' who's been in cryogenic freeze for 22 years, awakens when the salvage team recovering his cryotube is attacked by the Blue.  It's Yuji's first meeting with Earth's new masters, and definitely not the best way for him to come back to the real world.  The sleepers are now being evacuated to Second Earth, a space station being used as a base for the Earth's evacuation, but it seems the Blue aren't prepared to let them leave as an attack on the Tokyo spaceport while the sleepers are being loaded onto a shuttle leave Yuji & the salvage team that picked him up as the only survivors.  Now having seen what this new world has to offer, Yuji asks his rescuers to train him in the use of their combat mechs so that at least he has a chance of surviving - but the nearest alternate spaceport being Baikonur in Russia.  The journey's not easy, and before long only Yuji and Marlene are left alive.

Yuji's first waking sightSurvivors

Away from Baikonur and into space, Yuji and Marlene arrive at Second Earth, where Yuji and Marlene are quickly separated.  While Marlene is kept under close supervision and out of combat, it soons becomes clear that the High Command that's running the base have plans for Yuji and the other Sleepers that they've managed to recover.  Professor Miyagi, a scientist based on Second Earth, believes the Sleepers have an inherent power that will be the key to finally defeating the Blue, and is creating a Sleeper Brigade to prove his theory.  When an assault on Earth is launched, the Sleeper Brigade is part of the battle force and proves more than capable of turning the tide, but while Yuji's new-found fighting skills are second-to-none, when Marlene meets him on the battlefield the effect it seems to be having on his sanity soon leads to her being concerned...

Marlene is horrified as Yuji is attackedNo memories...

A little bit of research shows that there's a huge swathe of plot threads that have been completely exorcised from Blue Gender: The Warrior, which is no great surprise.  The problem is that the missing parts are the ones that sound the most interesting.  What we have left is half road-movie (as Yuji and Marlene trek across Asia, attempting to get safely back to Second Earth), and half combat movie (as the attempt to retake Earth from the Blue is launched).  There's a certain Aliens feel to the whole thing, as well.

What you get is interesting enough, even is the pacing does feel a little bit off, but the hints dropped at what you're missing (the obvious romance that develops between Yuji and Marlene and the political maneuverings on Second Earth, for a start) annoy as much as they tease.

At the end of the day, this is probably best treated as a teaser for the TV series - rent this, and if you like it, buy the TV series.  I'm certainly a lot more interested in seeing what I've missed after watching this.
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