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Geobreeders #5: Big Trouble at Tokyo Tower
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Written by maehara   
Monday, 27 September 2004 00:00
Geobreeders - Volume 5Last volume of Geobreeders for a while, as this is as far as CPM got during their first release of the series. As you'd expect, it goes out with a bang...

1 - Tateyama Sanction
Kagura on the piste, as snowfields, chalets and cable cars become the backdrop for the latest battle against the Cats. Quite what they're doing there I'm not quite sure as nobody bothers to explain it, but why let a story get in the way of good action?

2 - Breakdown
Back to Ayagane City, and it's not just Kagura who are in action (doing their best to destroy Tokyo Tower). The Hounds have been called out to Ayagane Laboratory, Irie and his team of goons are cleaning out a Cat infiltration from New Japan Avionics. It's all combat action, wherever you look. In amongst all the gunfire and mayhem, there's also the matter of trying to teach Maya how to cook something other than spaghetti carbonara, and the first use of Irie's new weapon - which removes the Cats' powers, leaving them as vulnerable as a human...

Recovering the Litte Cat - preview manga for the Geobreeders OVA series (renamed to Get Back the Kitty on the DVD release)
Babes and Arms - 'magazine' special featuring the Kagura staff and their weapons of choice. How Taba somehow got included beats me - he ain't no babe...
Cover Gallery - featuring the covers from the original release before the series was collected into graphic novel form.

Every anime or manga that has pretensions of action-ness (yes, I know that's not a word), and even some that don't, eventually get around to destroying Tokyo Tower. The only surprise is that it took Geobreeders this long to get around to it... The big 'news' as far as this volume goes is finally getting to see Irie and his mob in action, and they're as cold-hearted as you would expect. Also from Irie is the first use of the new anti-Cat device, sounding suspiciously like Ghostbusters' magnetic-containment devices (I've always though that Geobreeders was Ghostbusters done right, but that's for another article!).

The rest of the action is just the usual fare, and it helps pass the time well. Maya provides the comic relief in her continuing attempts to cook something other than carbonara, while there's a better-than-usual selection of extras to fill out the book.

Have to say I've enjoyed this volume even more than the previous ones - the only downside is that this was the last volume released by CPM during their initial release of the series. Now that they're on their second attempt, here's hoping they actually finish releasing it this time...

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