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Megami #55: December 2004
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Written by maehara   
Monday, 06 December 2004 00:00
It's the fanservice fan's favourite time of the month - new issue of Megami...

Here's this month's contents list. Annoyingly, there's quite a large chunk of posters and articles that I wasn't able to identify - presumably shows from the new season. A few of them look interesting, but it seems I'll have to wait for details...

Pencil Board
Akane Maniax - copy of this month's cover image

Uta~Kata - Manatsu
Galaxy Angel - Chitose (onsen pic)
W Wish - group swimsuit pic
Rozen Maiden
School Rumble!
Akane Maniax - another copy of the cover image
HaniHani ~Operation Sanctuary
- Nao
Grenadier - onsen pic
DC ~Da Capo~

..and the usual batch of shows I didn't recognise.

Jinki Extend
Izumo 2
Akane Maniax
To Heart ~Remember my Memories~
School Rumble!
W Wish
Final Approach
Rozen Maiden
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~
My:HiME the usual new release, game and hentai sections

A fairly lack-lustre poster section this month - there's nothing there that really stands out. The Megami Scoop articles feature a few upcoming shows that look interesting (and the articles would be even better if I could read Japanese... ^^;), but apart from that, I have to say this was one of the more disappointing recent issues.

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