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Jing: King of Bandits #2
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Written by maehara   
Sunday, 23 May 2004 00:00
Jing, King of Bandits - Volume 2More thieving antics from Jing & Kir in the 2nd volume of King of Bandits...

5 - The Flower of Neverland
Jing's battle with Master Gear continues, but Master Gear has an advantage in the form of Sherry - a fox (of sorts) with the power to sense heartbeats. Makes it hard for Jing to hide... A little trickery and some help from Mirabelle allows Jing & Kir to escape to the city's underworld, where those against Master Gear live, led by the Captain. It's supposed to be comparitively safe down there, but when Master Gear feels threatened, nowhere's safe - and Mirabelle is kidnapped by henchman Clockodile...

6 - How to Steal Time
Clockodile's not much of a match for Jing & Kir... Jing uses the dead creature to send a message to Master Gear - "Your time in Adonis is running out". Time for him to send another batch of flunkies after the Bandit King - this time, the Eggnog Team, three clockwork roosters with bad attitude. Meanwhile, the Captain's not happy about Jing stirring things up - he & his men were quite happy hiding out down below until Jing drew Master Gear's attention to them. Not that he needs their help to take Master Gear down - Jing has a plan, that involves stealing time itself...

7 - A Clockwork Grape
Jing's plan is now in full flow - and with Mirabelle having talked the Captian and his men into helping out, it should be easier than ever now to bring down Master Gear. He still has one last trick up his sleeve, though - trapping Jing in a room at the top of his clocktower, he hopes to use Sherry to catch Jing out when he can't protect himself. His plan doesn't play out as expected, though, and Master Gear finds himself without his only real ally...

8 - The Most Dangerous Cargo
Meet the Por Vora - the most dangerous creature known to man, and likely to explode at anything that may make them nervous. Little wonder, then, that they're used in place of dynamite by unscrupulous miners looking to make a quick buck. Transporting them to the mines is a dangerous job, though - and Jing seems to be getting into the Por Vora-transport business. Apart from the inherent danger of travelling with the little critters, though, there's one person in particular who seems real keen to keep Jing out of the transport trade...

9 - Incandescent Memories
Time for the most dangerous part of Jing's journey with the Porvora - the trip across the Venus Source, a lava-strewn wasteland where the rocks are alive & not at all keen to let travellers pass them by. The first few challenges, Jing manages to survive, but the further into the Source they travel, the harder it gets to keep the lava at bay...

The three chapters that finish off the Adonis story are the best parts here - there's plenty of action here & much more plot to the story than there is to the second story in this volume. Jing's travels with the Porvora plays out more like a one-gag story, with it simply being a series of events where Jing has to keep the living bombs from going off. Fair enough, that story won't finish until the next volume, but it'll need to develop a plot in a hurry if it's to keep my interest.

3 out of 5 chapters being of interest isn't too bad, though, and the Adonis story was good enough to make the volume worthwhile overall.

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