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Megami #47: April 2004
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Written by maehara   
Monday, 15 March 2004 00:00
Megami - Issue 47Terrible thing when you can't sleep ^^; Ah well, just have to do an update, I guess... This time, it's the latest edition of Megami, now with added large insert poster (for this month, anyway...) Plenty of posters for your admiration this month, and with Mizuki & Mone from Yumeria on the cover, what's not to like?

Pull-out Posters
- Onegai Twins - Karen & Miina swimsuit shot.
- Ai Yori Aoshi - Aoi & Tina swimsuit shot.
- DC ~Da Capo~ - Group picture.
- Galaxy Angel - Milfuelle & the new girl swimsuit shot.

Other Posters
- Hanaukyo Maid Tai ~La Verite~ - Mariel
- Kiddy Grade - Eclair
- This Ugly & Beautiful World - group picture
- ~Misaki Chronicle~ Divergence EVE - Misaki
- DC ~Da Capo~ x2 - group picture, Nemu
- DiGi Charat - group picture
- Burn Up Scramble - group picture
- Nurse-Witch Komugi-chan - Komugi & other
- Yumeria - Mone & Mizuki swimsuit picture (same as cover image)
- Gravion Zwei - group onsen picture
- Operation Sanctuary - group picture
- Chrno Crusade - group picture

---and the usual batch of shows I couldn't identify. This is actually a very good issue, even apart from the greater-than-usual number of posters. While there's nothing here that stands out as a real classic, there's also nothing in the way of real duds (possible exception: the Hanaukyo Maid Tai poster), so on average you're really getting your money's worth. Particularly good value if you're a DC ~Da Capo~ fan, as it's the only show to get more than one picture this month.

For those who read Japanese, there are articles on the following, among others:
- Raimuiro Senkitan
- Onegai Twins
- Yumeria
- Maburaho
- Midori no Hibi
- Hanaukyo Maid Tai ~La Verite~
- Happy Lesson
- Stratos4 OVA
- ~Misaki Chrnicle~ Divergence EVE
- Gravion Zwei
- Burn Up Scramble
- Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
- Chrno Crusade the usual game, hentai & release date sections.

Overall then, one of the better Megami issues since I started buying it, & highly recommended.

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