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Galaxy Angel #1 LE Figures
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Written by maehara   
Saturday, 27 March 2004 00:00
Another new department, with our first look at some anime 'merchandise' - in this case the 5 character figures that come with the Limited Edition version of Galaxy Angel #1...

Galaxy Angel Figures

You get 5 figures along with the usual volume 1 + Box deal (good, sturdy box, too - as usual for Bandai releases...). Forte and Ranpha are both a bit large for the base they're on & don't stand up wonderfully well as a result - they're noticeably off-balance. I've had to lean mine against the back of the bookshelf to give them something to lean on. Apart from that, they're both good-looking models - Forte with her whip is particularly good.

Moving down the height scale, you get Milfuelle, resplendent in pink. She's short enough to be able to stand without assistance, too.

Next up is Vanilla, sadly without her pet missile, while Mint brings up the rear - and this is where the real fun is, as Mint comes with removeable clothes... ^^; Removing her uniform reveals Mint in her mock-school swimsuit - a real treat for the more service-oriented fans out there. I'm half-tempted to put up a poll to see how many people display her with our without her uniform. :) (Mine's with - at the moment...)

As extras go, the LE set costs quite a bit at retail prices (search around for a deal...), but it's a good change from the usual pencilboards (although you get two of them, as well...) or t-shirts. I had been planning on holding off on Galaxy Angel for a while, but the figure collection tipped me over the edge... If you have some model-making skills you'll probably have better luck that I did at making the larger characters stand up correctly, but apart from that these are pretty good. Recommended for GA fans everywhere.

R1 (US) DVD & LE Box:
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