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Megami Deluxe #1 (Gakken Mook)
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Written by maehara   
Saturday, 07 February 2004 00:00
Megami Deluxe - Volume 1Reviewed in the order I received them, which is why #2 appeared first. First impression: if #2 was a work of art, #1 is the prototype - and there was definitely tweaking done.

The usual selection of sections & posters, giving this lot that I can identify:

Onegai Teacher x2 - Mizuho; group picture
Kanon x2 - Ayu, Nayuki & Makoto; Sayuri & Mai
Sister Princess - Karen
Mahoromatic - Minawa & Mahoro
PitaTen x2 - both Shia, Misha & Koboshi
Galaxy Angel x3 - Milfuelle; group picture; Milfuelle, Mint & Ranpha
Happy Lesson x4 - mamas group picture; Satsuki; Hazuki, Minazuki, Fumitsuki & Kanna; Fumitsuki & Minazuki
Azumanga Daioh x3 - Chiyo & Sakaki; group picture; Sakaki
Nurse Witch Komugi-chan - Komugi
Ai Yori Aoshi x2 - Aoi, Tina & Taeko; Aoi
Tenshi no Shippo x2 - Ayumi, Akane & Ran; Tamami, Midori, Momo, Ruru & Nana
DiGi Charat x2 - both Dejiko & Puchiko

Megami's real strong point, this section, and there's some good stuff in it - but it's spoiled by them having printed the character names beside each character's first appearance in both Japanese & English. Handy for reference - I'd have had a hard time giving names for some of the posters otherwise - but spoils the pictures a bit. I'm fairly sure they weren't in the originals. Personal favourites from here would be the Kanon and Azumanga Daioh pictures.

Four Seasons
Happy Lesson - Kisaragi & Yayoi
Mahoromatic x3 - Mahoro x2, group picture
DiGi Charat x2 - both group pictures
PitaTen - group picture
Galaxy Angel x2 - Milfuelle, group picture
Sister Princess x2
Tenshi no Shippo
Onegai Teacher - Koishi & Mizuho

A collection of seasonal pictures, with kimonos getting a good look-in here. The lack of visible skin means this section has the lowest 'nosebleed' factor, but it's still not bad.

PitaTen x2 - both Shia & Misha
Galaxy Angel - Milfuelle
DiGi Charat
Soul Taker - Komugi
Azumanga Daioh - Sakaki, Osaka & Chiyo

Nurse, maid & waitress uniforms for you viewing pleasure.

Best Smile
Onegai Teacher - Koishi & Mizuho
Mahoromatic - Mahoro
Happy Lesson - mama group picture
Tenshi no Shippo
DiGi Charat

Strange section, this, as any picture here could easily have fit neatly into another section of the mag, and it's not like there's no dazzling smiles in the other sections either. Pictures run the full range of swimsuit to normal streetwear - good pictures but not really meriting its own section...

Mahoromatic - Mahoro
Onegai Teacher - Ichigo, Mizuho & Koishi
PitaTen - Misha
Ai Yori Aoshi - Aoi
Galaxy Angel - Milfuelle
Sister Princess - Karen
Happy Lesson - Fumitsuki, Kisaragi & Yayoi
DiGi Charat - Dejiko

Sexy Shot
Onegai Teacher x2 - both Mizuho
Mahoromatic x2 - both Mahoro & Minawa
Ai Yori Aoshi - Aoi
Tenshi no Shippo
Happy Lesson - Kisaragi, Yayoi & Mutsuki

Mostly lingerie pictures for this section, which is disappointingly short. The Ai Yori Aoshi picture here is probably the best in the mook.

Eternal Goddesses
Evangelion - Asuka, Rei & Misato
To Heart - group picture
Nadesico - Ruri (16-yr-old version)

A few here I couldn't identify at all. Essentially pictures of girls from classic shows, and while I have a soft spot for Asuka, her picture here doesn't hold a candle to Ruri's pose.

Very much a test run of the Megami Deluxe idea, and definitely not as good as volume 2 turned out to be. There are some good pictures in it, but most of them are just okay & this mook hasn't had the same repeat value as volume 2 has had. Nice for completists, but otherwise I wouldn't recommend breaking the bank to get it, especially since most of the images are available in one form or another from the various anime wallpaper sites.

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