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Megami #44: January 2004
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Written by maehara   
Saturday, 03 January 2004 00:00
Megami - January 2004Time for this month's dose of fanboy favourite, Megami. The usual collection of fanservice posters awaits...

So what do you get for your money this month?
  • YamiBou
  • Kiddy Grade
  • Ai Yori Aoshi x2
  • Tsukihime
  • Godannar
  • Galaxy Angel
  • Gunslinger Girl
  • Onegai Twins
  • Da Capo

...and just to be unusual, a 'live' photoshoot of extremely kawaii VA Yukari Tamura (Misha from PitaTen, Sakura from Da Capo, Ichigo Morino from Onegai Teacher / Twins, among others), which sadly isn't as revealing as the usual Megami artwork. There are also several other posters of shows & games I don't recognise. Inside there's another Onegai Twins Visual Grafitti book featuring artwork from the show (check the inside back cover of it for a particularly good image of Karen), and the cover article this month deals with D.C. ~ Da Capo.

Now, with this only being my second issue of Megami, I'll admit I don't have a lot to compare it with, but I have it on good authority that this month's just isn't up to the usual standard - and I'll admit, the posters weren't as nosebleed-inducing as last month's. Heck, even the hentai pages at the back weren't as good.

But on the grand scheme of things, 'not as good' still isn't bad when it's just a notch down from 'excellent stuff' - while I've seen better, this issue stil rates as 'pretty damn good'. For those us importing, though, you have to wonder if it's worth $16....

Yup. It still is. :)

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