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Megami #45: February 2004
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Written by maehara   
Thursday, 15 January 2004 00:00
Megami - February 2004The joys of subscriptions - I now get my monthly dose of fanservice that little bit earlier each month :) And it's a particularly nosebleed-inducing issue this month...

Some of this month's goodness:
  • Christmas Aoi-chan (Ai Yori Aoshi)
  • Ranpha & Milfuelle (Galaxy Angel)
  • Luna & co (Gravion Zwei)
  • Kotoko & co (~Misaki Chronicle~ Divergence EVE)
  • Cosplay Momen-chan (Raimuiro Senkitan)
  • Maburaho
  • Anita & schoolfriends (ROD TV)
  • Alv (Kiddy Grade)

I swear some of the girls in the Divergence EVE poster have had reduction work. ^^; The pull-out poster is of YamiBou (group shot) and Ayane from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. The rest I didn't recognise, but I'm reliably informed that Aquarian Age, Futari H, Comic Party Revolution and This Ugly and Beautiful World all feature, along with a few others.

For those who can read Japanese, the cover article is Maburaho, with additional articles on DC ~Da Capo~, Read or Die TV, RGB (new on to me), Ai Yori Aoshi, Shingetsutan Tsukihime and the 2003 Megami Fan Rankings (#1 show: Onegai Twins, #1 female: Nemu from DC ~Da Capo~).

Much better than last month's issue, I have to say - there's a couple of posters here that are real classics. That said, there aren't as many as usual, with the centre poster section being a bit smaller than the other issues I've seen. Quality over quantity, perhaps?

Anyway, another excellent issue of Megami - go get while you still can...!

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