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Megami #43: December 2003
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Written by maehara   
Friday, 05 December 2003 00:00
Megami - December 2003Something of a new departure here - a magazine review. Megami is a part-glossy, part-newsprint 'bishoujo' mag that has anime fanboys drooling & chomping at the bit for the next issue. If you don't believe me, check out this thread over at the AoD forums. Is the fan frenzy warranted, or will my new 'Magazines' department forever have only one entry?

So here we have issue #43, sporting a very nice image of Aoi (of Ai Yori Aoshi fame) on the front cover. Point #1: don't let all that Japanese writing get to you, as reading the mag here would be missing the point... ^^;

Megami's main reason for being is as a poster mag, so on opening it up you'll find a large selection of posters at front, back & centerfold. This months, there's posters of Mina & Karen from Onegai Twins, the girls from YamiBou, Eclaire & Lumiere from Kiddy Grade, a particularly nose-bleed inducing one of Tessa & Kaname from Full Metal Panic? and a host of others. Wallpaper fans, get your scanners at the ready...

Also included in this issue is a 'Visual Grafitti' booklet featuring Onegai Twins, although you would need to have l33t skillz in Japanese to make the most of it.

A large portion of the magazine looks at current TV, DVD & game releases in Japan, each spot offering a number of screenshots of the product to whet your appetite. Be aware that the last few pages cover H-games & hentai, and are not girlfriend safe... ^^;

Overall then, I had great fun looking through this - it's a visual treat for any male anime fan. It's not going to replace the like of Newtype/USA unless you're able to read Japanese, but on the "Oooh! Pretty pictures!" scale it's way up there & I certainly won't have any problems buying future issues. If you're less inclined to enjoy rampant fanservice (you'll find anime characters in situations here you'd not see in their respective shows!), then you may want to pass.

Be aware that Megami has a tendency to sell out quite quickly - so if you plan on becoming a collector (as I do), you'll need to be on your toes to make sure you get your monthly copy. I'll be keeping my source a secret from just that reason. :)

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